Beef Cattle Program

Hamilton show logo_bullEntry fee: $3.00 per class

Entries to be made at the secretaries box on show day prior to 10:00am.

General enquiries please email

Chief Steward: Mr. Brett Davie

Classes: Judging Commences 10:00 am

Class 1. Bull born before 1/9/2019

(Champion Senior Male)

Class 2. Bull born on or after 1/9/2019

(Champion Junior Male)

(Champion Male)

Class 3. Female born before 1/2/2019 with calf at foot or PTIC

(Champion Senior Female)

Class 4. Female born on or after 1/2/2019 and before 1/9/2019

Class 5. Female born on or after 1/9/2019 and before 15/10/2019

Class 6. Female born on or after 15/10/2019

(Champion Junior Female)

(Champion Female)


Class 7. Junior pair (any sex)

Class 8. Group of 3 (both sexes represented)

Senior Male

Junior Male

Champion Male

Senior Female

Junior Female

Champion Female

Supreme Exhibit


9-12 yrs, 13-14 yrs, 15-16 yrs, 17-20 yrs, 21-25 yrs, School team of 3.


Under 15yrs, 15 yrs and over.