Ute Competition & Dog High Jump


utes 2016 show schorta
Photo credit Jenny Schorta 2016


These events are run by the Central Highlands Rural Youth. For entries and enquiries please contact Oliver Haigh 0487 928 844.


Judging from 12:00pm 

COST: $5 per category or 5 categories for $20. 

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY:  ALL Utes to be parked up, entered and paid by 11am (no late entries accepted). No honing or circle work will be tolerated. The Ute you enter must be registered in your name, if Judges suspect otherwise you will be disqualified. Judges/Committee members decision is final. All Utes are to remain on site until the Show Grand Parade has finished there will be no Utes leaving early! Entrants are invited to join in for the grand parade at 2pm on the main arena. 

Categories: 1. Best Holden;  2. Best Ford;  3. Best Farm Ute; 4. Best Chick Ute;  5. Best Tradie Ute;  6. Best Displayed “Ute on the day”;  7. Most Fitted on the Ute i.e. stickers, lights etc; 8. Best Bull Bar;  9. Best 4×4;  10. Judges Choice. 


The Dog High Jump, is held in front of the grandstand and should not be missed, it makes for great entertainment! 


Photo credit Chris Wright 2017
Congratulations to 2018 winner Bullet with his handler Adam Lane for jumping 2 metres!


Judging from 1:00pm

COST: $5 per category. 

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Dogs must be on site and registered by 11am, judging from 1pm . ALL dogs must have registration details on the day and be kept on a lead until it’s their turn to jump. Dogs can have a handler encourage them over the jump but they must not help the dog over the jump or the dog will be disqualified. Judges/Committee decision is final. 


1. Best small dog (under 50cm)

2. Best large dog (over 50cm)

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