The Balloon Lady

Children adore the Balloon Lady and the toys that she makes!

The Balloon Lady is BACK for more shenanigans this year, bringing magic, balloon toys, and even a workshop for the balloon-artists-of-the-future (and anyone else who just wants to have a go).

Photo credit: Hobart Photographic Society 2019 – Rachel Daniels, Gary Morris, Ashlie Hill.

Balloon Twisting Workshop

Now for the first time in history, The Balloon Lady will share the  mysterious secret to transforming an air-filled latex sack into a work of art! Or, at least, into something vaguely resembling an animal… Children of all ages are welcome to come have a go!

Magic Show

The Balloon Lady’s Extremely Silly Magic Show offers mishaps and interactive fun to delight kids aged 4 to 8 and their families, and contains an important message for children about why-you-should-really-buy-your-magic-wands-from-reputable-sources!

The Balloon Lady’s Twisted Toys

The Balloon Lady is a one-woman dynamo, building colourful, custom-made, biodegradable toys and costumes for balloon fans young and old. Offer her a challenge – if you have a ‘twisted’ imagination- and see what she can create!

Bubble Fun For Everyone!

Weather permitting