Miniature Goat Competition

Kirrasumm Kidz Miniature Goat

Make sure you take a look at these guys, they’ re super cute with tonnes of personality! If they can’t make you smile, nothing can!

The Hamilton Agricultural Show are pleased to welcome back the Miniature Goat Breeders Association event.

Come along and see who will walk away with all the ribbons!

Mini Goats AssocEstablished in 2007 the Miniature Goat Breeders Association (MGBA) is a longstanding breed Association that is managed and run with members nation wide. 

Australian Miniature Goats are a “Designer Pet Breed” established in 2000 and very popular with pet owners that have a small allotment of land and looking for that special pet that is a bit different. They come in all percentages from purebred to crossbreeds, all colours and colour combinations, coat types, ear types, eye colours and body shapes giving them that “designer” edge where pet buyers can select the look of the goats they want to add to their family. Match that with their individual personalities and you have the perfect pet! 

For families looking for backyard milking pets a well-bred miniature female can produce enough milk for the family each day some of which can be used to make cheese, yogurt and even soap. Miniature goats with Cashmere coats can be shaved and the fleece can be spun and used to make small garments or used in art and craft. Goat manure is very high in nitrogen, and is great for the garden.

Miniature Goats make great companion animals and can be kept with horses, cattle, sheep, alpacas and many more species.

Miniature Goats run on land that is often steep or not accessible to larger animals and they are often used to control weeds and over grown bush land. 

The Australian Miniature Goat has an impeccable temperament making the breed suitable as pets for young and old alike. 

Having had only a small number of Breeders here in Tasmania until recently no shows have been held – until NOW! 2017 marked the inaugural Australian Miniature Goat Breed Show in Tasmania at Hamilton Agricultural Show.

Yet again there’ll be a number of goats strutting their stuff in the show ring to compete for Best in Show and Best of Breed status. 

There will also be a trade stand with information and breeders on hand to discuss all things Goatie! There will be books for sale and lots of goats to say hello to. 

Dairy Goats Society – Tasmanian Branch

Dairy Goats Pic

Dairy Goats logoMembers of The Dairy Goat Society of Australia Tasmanian Branch will be attending the  Hamilton Show with some animals and information on display. They’ll be on hand to answer any questions anyone has. 

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