Programme of Events

Please note that the 2019 Programme of events will be available in February 2019.

Hamilton Ag Show Programme of Events 2018 printable booklet

8:30 am          

Campdrafting commences Judges Address                                                 

Equestrian Show Jumping Course open for walking                                          

Miniature Goats begin Sign-in                  

9:00 am          

Wool Pavilion opens                                                                   

Equestrian Topsy Rings commence   

Judging of Home Industry Exhibits 

Working Yard Dogs Competition commences   

Shearing Competition commences 

Clay Target Shooting commences 

Southern Tasmanian Canary Society 

9:30 am

Animal Nursery opens    

10:00 am

Hall of Home Industry Exhibits opens 

The Face Painting begins 

Southern Bee Keepers Display opens 

Judging of Miniature Goats commences 

Bridget Pross begins sets 10am-4pm

10:30 am

Tas Reptilia demonstration begins – then every hour 

Equestrian Pony and Galloway Rings commence   

11:00 am

Ricky Cooper Whip Cracking Demonstration

12:00 pm

CHRY Ute Competition judging commences 

Equestrian Hack Rings commence   

Ricky Cooper Whip Cracking Demonstration

12:30 pm

Children’s Novelty Races commence

1:00 pm

CHRY Dog High Jump judging commences 

1:30 pm

Equestrian Rider Classes commence

Sands Family Circus Performs

2:30 pm

Presentation of Awards for Wool, Cattle, Horses

Grand Parade

4:00 pm